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Entertainment that Mobilizes Americans for a New Normal

MainStream Media develops unbiased programming and technology to empower, excite and unite Americans with entertainment and social engagement to meet the political challenges of our time.

TV Screens

Streaming Media

MainStream Media programming cultivates and promotes a unified narrative with emphasis on the normalization of party-neutral politics and the reforms required to achieve it. 


We seek to establish a perception of "country over party" views as mainstream.


Our programming engages Americans in a virtual “arena of ideas” and familiarizes them with specific reforms that make alternatives to toxic partisan choices possible.

Programs in development cover the entire spectrum of political media content. 

Digital social media

Civic Technology

We seek to develop, support, and partner with tech platforms that provide tools for voters, candidates, and organizers that demand merit-based solutions free from partisan influence.  

  • Builds an audience and creates content for programming 

  • Engages, connects, and equips voters with content and political organization tools 

  • Creates opportunities for viral promotion through user support of candidates and policies via social media

  • Develops consensus among a party-neutral voting coalition 

In Development

Speaking Event


A reality competition show that follows top candidates, chosen by voters on a companion mobile app, as they compete for the presidency in this alternative, party-neutral primary process. Candidates face challenges designed by political experts and viewers vote for candidates weekly until all but one candidate is eliminated.

Talk Show Audience


With the help of experts and hard facts, teams of everyday Americans with opposing political views commit to work with each other and overcome their distrust and disagreements.  The teams compete to create breakthrough proposals for policies to solve the nation’s toughest problems and lawmakers engage to find ways to implement those solutions.

Live Scene News


A news program that focuses on current events that highlight corruption in partisan politics.


This program features news of the day, special investigative reports, and culminates in a segment featuring a panel of guests across the political spectrum for debate and discussion. 


A news parody show where comedian anchors give their satirical take on current events related to partisan politics.


This program also features correspondent comics who deliver investigative reports into a partisan world that often parodies itself and interviews with celebrity guests and pundits.

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The MainStream Narrative

  • MainStream Media provides a platform for citizens to define and celebrate American greatness.  

  • We will always seek to elevate and cultivate the true American culture, which is defined by common sense, pragmatism, hard work, and commitment to meet the challenges faced by every American citizen.

  • Our narrative leverages a simple fact: recent history has proven that many political norms no longer apply and virtually anything in American politics is now possible.

  • In an ongoing cycle of truth-telling and feedback, MainStream Media will identify and cultivate the most critical non-partisan electoral objectives into a short list that Americans will find easy to adopt and actively support, in their communities, in the streets, and at the ballot box.

  • Expert talking points and sound bites backed by verifiable facts have to be crafted and employed relentlessly in an alternative echo chamber designed to penetrate the national conversation in the "mainstream media."

  • The hearts and minds of the American public will be led to link partisan misdeeds with the real and verifiable dangers they create.  

    • Gridlock leads to atrocious outcomes and serious threats to public safety.  

    • Our families are in harm’s way, facing imminent risks because our politicians are more involved with raising campaign funds than protecting their constituents or the Constitution.  

    • On a regular basis, the public needs to see, hear, and feel the impact of partisan dysfunction and rancor in visceral, indelible ways.  

  • The narrative will promote an ideology of the possible that takes value away from wedge issues that never get addressed and makes competency and consensus around “kitchen table” issues the top priority. It will explain how wedge issues are used to take away voters’ ability to exercise their influence and how consensus pressure is more effective than trust in any politician's stated views.

  • Messaging will leverage the terms and concepts of both “Independents” and “Independence,” not to denigrate any political party but to declare the American people's commitment to representative leadership and an end to the manipulation used by the politics industry to game the system.

  • In describing MainStream Media project objectives, the emphasis will be on action and progress rather than perfect solutions. The call is for evolution, not revolution.  

  • Our media projects will challenge voters to be a part of a representative democracy that once again leads the way for the rest of the world with a new model of political organization and leadership that is independent of the kind of partisan manipulation people everywhere are all too familiar with.


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