News Cameras



Speaking Event

Fierce but productive competition with national distribution and impact through high-profile candidates nominated, rated and supported by an audience created through social media nomination campaigns.

Reality Television

Talk Show Audience

Programs that capture the hardships caused by political polarity and the dramatic challenges of finding and implementing common sense solutions.  


We're Live

Programing using existing political satire models to call out partisan “fails.”  Making “gotcha” moments into sound bites that can be weaponized against extremism.

News & Opinion

Live Scene News

News coverage, punditry & debate programming through a party-neutral lens that leverages the echo chamber narrative model.

Civic Innovation Spotlight


Building excitement and trust in democracy reforms and political organization technology that are poised to make traditional party politics obsolete.


Recording Time

Watchdog features that lionize politicians that put country before party and expose toxic partisans through investigative journalism and retrospectives.