Meet the Team

MainStream Media Productions has assembled a team of professionals, producers, and advisors in a variety of disciplines to provide our productions with the full range of expertise needed to fulfill our mission. Our production staff develops and implements out strategy with the guidance of thought leaders in technology, politics, media, civic reform, and diversity who participate as advisors to our party-neutral media projects. 

Our Advisors


Sharon Kehnemui worked for 12 years at, where she was senior editor for politics. At, she managed real-time news coverage and a full-time staff of reporters and helped developed the website's early social media presence. She also worked on the team responsible for's on-site facilities and reporting at special events, including presidential conventions and elections, and consulted on the web user interface for these events.

As owner of Frequency Partners, Sharon now works with business owners to determine ways to improve their bottom lines through systems, processes, and methods that increase a company's growth and exposure through multiple digital and offline channels.


Peter Loge is the Associate Professor of Media and Public Affairs, School of Media and Public Affairs Director of External Relations, and founding Director of the Project on Ethics in Political Communication at George Washington University. His specialties are political and advocacy communication strategy, government relations, political communication, and advocacy ethics with many years teaching part-time at GW with full time professorship since 2017.

Loge has 25+ years working in strategic communication and the politics of public policy in the US House and Senate, in the administration, at advocacy organizations, and as a consultant. Author of Soccer Thinking for Management Success: Lessons for organizations from the world's game (2018) and editor of Political Communication Ethics: Theory and Practice (2020). 


Recently recognized by the National Diversity & Leadership Conference as one of the nation's top 100 diversity officers, Amelia Williams Hardy is an insightful strategic thought leader and change agent who approaches work with an equity lens that creates a culture of inclusion and a thriving collaborative environment. She is an end-to-end ideator that utilizes data and insights to make sense of ambiguous and white spaces which is then applied to turning around existing businesses, creating new business initiatives, and transforming cultures in companies.

Amelia's responsibilities as Vice President - Inclusion and Diversity Strategic Initiatives at Best Buy include efforts to increase the engagement, representation, and retention of diverse employees at all levels of the company. She is significantly involved in inclusion and diversity initiatives at multiple companies and within the community. Amelia sits on multiple national and community nonprofit boards including the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities, MEDA, The Cowles Center, FORESIGHT and Minnesota Community Care. She desires to do the work to help eradicate racial and social inequities and disparities in corporations and communities.


Manu Meel is an aspiring social entrepreneur who has leadership experience in both the public and private sector. Currently, Manu has the privilege of serving as the CEO of BridgeUSA, a national organization that aims to improve political culture on college campuses.


Through his work, Manu has contributed to several news outlets, advanced pro-democracy efforts nationally, and is leading the policy operation for a Baltimore mayoral candidate. Manu is passionate about empowering young people, and his work has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and other media platforms.


Manu’s goal is to ultimately elevate the impact of other young entrepreneurs and political activists. Combining his experience as an associate in venture capital and as CEO of a national nonprofit, Manu hopes to continue making a positive impact.


Trina Wyatt is an evolutionary leader, film producer, author and Founder/CEO of Conscious Good. Conscious Good is a community-driven media platform committed to raising consciousness by providing the highest quality tools, stories and experiences. Prior to launching Conscious Good TV, Trina oversaw content for Gaia (GaiamTV), the leading subscription video-on-demand service for transformational entertainment. Prior to Gaiam, Trina worked as CFO at Prana Studios where she created Prana’s strategic plan to shift from a Disney service company to its own animated IP entity. 

Additional career achievements include helping guide Withoutabox through due diligence with Amazon until its successful sale to IMDB and launching the first Tribeca Film Festival for Robert De Niro as its Executive Director. Trina’s film producing credits include "Broken Diamonds", "Chutney Popcorn", "Grenade" and "I Shot a Man in Vegas".


Scott Ellis is the founder and CEO of MasteryTrack and a national expert in catalyzing blended and mastery-based learning at scale. He has more than 20 years of experience as an executive and consultant in technology and nonprofits, and deep expertise in strategy, operations, finance, measurement of impact, and management coaching.

Scott was the founding CEO of The Learning Accelerator (TLA) and the Chief Strategy Officer and COO of New Teacher Center (NTC).  He also managed an internal analytical consulting organization at Hewlett Packard and was a consultant at McKinsey & Company, a strategy consulting firm. He has an MBA from Stanford and an undergraduate degree in government and economics from Harvard.


John Olds co-founded Gen Z GOP, a political organization charting a new vision for tomorrow’s GOP, to chart a new vision for the Republican Party. A party that can find balance, formulate solutions, and focus on the future. The Gen Z generation needs a party that will address the issues that affect us most and needs a palatable alternative to the political left.

John is a BA candidate in Economics and Political science with a particular interest in the relationship between public policy and economics. With experience in the public and private sector, John’s goal is to find innovative policy solutions and best practices. By combining the resources and strengths of businesses and federal agencies, he hope to play a part in delivering the innovative solutions that are necessary for the complex issues of our time.


During the past 20+ years, Sheri Brummond has worked as an entertainment development executive, copywriter, script analyst, production company publicist, and non-profit content strategist. She has used her talent to help develop the Emmy Award-winning TV movie Door to Door starring William H. Macy and create innovative educational programs for the international foundation "The Citizens' Empowerment Center in Israel", several of which were recognized for excellence by the U.S. Embassy.  Additionally, she has served as a judge for the Page International Screenwriting Awards and as a guest speaker at numerous screenwriting forums.  Ever the consummate creative professional, Sheri prides herself on her writing ability to increase awareness, expand engagement, and drive revenue, in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, always by utilizing the power of "story".  


Jim Gillis is a co-founder of and a Board Member at National Student Mock Election.  Win My Vote is a free voter engagement site where voters can review candidate profiles, comment, discuss, favorite, endorse, share, and receive email and text reminders of when and where to vote. Groups are also free and can create written and video endorsements for candidates and propositions on any ballot in the country. Candidates create candidate profiles that are featured on the ballot they're running on.

Jim graduated with a degree in Political Science from San Jose State University but was quickly swept up in the Internet startup boom of the late 90s in Silicon Valley. Working for companies like Lucent Technologies, CrossWorlds, Lightsurf, WebConverse R Systems and Quatrro.


Win My Vote is the product of twenty years of software experience apply to the most powerful action a citizen has in a democracy – to vote.


Jeremy Garson is focused on helping Americans through a difficult time in its history by assisting the Bridge Alliance. The Bridge Alliance is a coalition of approximately 100 members that are dedicated to revitalizing our nation's democratic institutions. This includes (among many aspects) helping people with different viewpoints to talk and hear each other; enacting electoral reform to ensure accountability among elected officials; and finding new ways to encourage cooperation and efficacy among legislators and other elected officials.

Jeremy obtained his Doctor of Law (J.D.) from the University of Michigan Law School and his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) at Johns Hopkins University with a Political Science and Government field of Study.

Our Staff



Jim Ragsdale brings decades of experience as a seasoned administrator and content creator to his role as CEO of MainStream Media Productions.  Jim led the civic technology initiative for Purple State LLC, a founding member organization of the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers and syndication partner of Independent Voter Network. 


A key factor in the success of companies including Webmark Studios, Dunn & Dunn Data Systems, Inc. and Bankers Alliance Insurance Group, Jim has also produced multimedia programming and organizational development programs utilized by corporate clients and universities such as Cornell, Texas A&M, and the University of Connecticut.


Executive Producer

MainStream Media's Executive Producer, Susan Muller, is recognized as a reliable, energetic, entrepreneur and equality thought leader with strong business, media, and leadership skills. Susan brings her Babson College entrepreneurial MBA and years of operational and management depth to MainStream Media.

Most recently as American Promise's National Business Manager & Conference Director Susan strategized, launched, and scaled membership in a National Business Network composed of business executives, thought leaders, and influencers. Susan also directed annual, multi-day, National Citizen Leadership Conferences in Washington D.C. with 300 plus attendees and 60 plus speakers including celebrities, C-suite executives, and elected officials.


Public Relations Director

Blair Fitzgibbon, MainStream Media’s Public Relations Director, has provided global campaign and communication strategy for presidential candidates, Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations, and scores of NGOs, nonprofits, think tanks, thought leaders, CEO’s and foundations.


Blair is the founder of Sound Speed PR and has developed critical relationships with the media over a 24-year career helping world leaders, foreign ministers, economists, Nobel Laureates, artists, athletes, and organizations advocate on important issues.  Using a blend of media relations and marketing communications, his expertise ensures that his clients' actions, messages, campaigns, and spokespeople get noticed and that their stories are framed in a way that creates maximum local, national, and international impact.


Director of Development

As Director of Program Development for MainStream Media Productions, Marinda Ragsdale is a driving creative force behind much of the company's programming and the originator of our ground-breaking competition program, President-Elect.  Marinda co-founded the Purple State civic technology initiative, a founding member organization of the National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers.

Marinda has served Webmark Studios as Marketing Specialist since 2016.  Marinda earned her MBA from Southern New Hampshire University in 2018 and her Bachelors in Women & Gender Studies/Political Science from the University of Louisville in 2014.



Jose Garofalo is MainStream Media Productions' Producer/Director with over 40 years of experience in film, television and digital media as a writer, director, producer and editor in various genres and formats including feature films, television series, talk show formats, music videos, variety and reality formats and bi­lingual programming. His most recent projects include an official docudrama of Port St. Lucie, "City Of Dreams," for the St. Lucie Historical Society and "That's Livin'; The Zora Neale Hurston Story" for the Saint Lucie Cultural Affairs Council.

Jose is the co-­founder and Director of the St. Lucie Film Society and the Executive Director of the Treasure Coast International Film Festival.



As a Producer for MainStream Media Productions, Todd Levinson develops programming from a perspective informed by working on public policy at the local, state, and national level and teaching Political Psychology at the University of California, San Diego.


Todd has been a consultant and professional speaker for over 9 years, leading personal and professional development seminars for audiences across North America. With a focus on workforce development and conflict resolution, he has worked with the United Nations, the New York City Mayor’s office, state governments, and the Clinton Global Initiative.




MainStream Media Productions’ Chief Legal Officer Edmund J. Sikorski, Jr., J.D. is an attorney and civil mediator who has litigated in federal trial and appellate courts at all levels for four decades with bar admissions that include the United States Supreme Court and Court of Appeals.

Although much of his career as a litigator has involved defending the civil rights of women in discrimination cases, his extensive range of legal experience has given him a broad range of knowledge in multiple disciplines and distinguished him as a mediator at the circuit and appellate court level.  He is a recipient of the 2016 National Law Journal ADR Champion Trailblazer Award and author of more than 40 articles relating to civil mediation practice in Journals of the American Bar Association.

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