Politician with Supporters


MainStream Media was founded to create the national media programming and technological infrastructure needed to focus the majority of voters’ will into a culture of consensus and facilitate their ability to organize for success at the ballot box and beyond, without partisan influence. 


MainStream Media Productions will create sustainable joint ventures that function as a public media utility for the electorate to transcend partisan political organization and achieve truly representative government through fair competition.

MainStream Media recognizes that the country’s media is the prime mover of our politics and a hyper-partisan army paid for by the money that controls our government. We also recognize that despite the absence of non-partisan candidates, policies, or electoral reforms in the national conversation, the overwhelming majority of voters have demonstrated a demand for party-neutral political solutions through their responses to polling and their avoidance of party affiliation.  


In addition to its production staff, the MainStream Media team consists of leaders in political science and digital technology who participate as advisors to our projects.  With the guidance of thought leaders from the country's growing civic reform movement, the strategy being developed and implemented at MainStream Media will create the national media programming and technological infrastructure Americans need to find their way to truly representative democracy. 


To achieve these objectives, these strategies will require top media talent, production expertise, and distribution resources, sustained by revenue from a share of the political media market and activated in an aggressive, perpetual offensive against partisan misinformation and manipulation. It will also require robust technology solutions to build and empower the audience for this alternative programming.  Our team is actively seeking co-producers that share our vision and have the resources necessary to fulfill it.

The Alternative Media Primary

  • MainStream Media programs will penetrate the perpetual, partisan primary process that plays out on existing media platforms.

  • The focus is likely to be on those non-partisan electoral reforms that have already established roots in our political infrastructure. The MainStream Media strategy is to maximize visibility on the reform solutions most likely to produce a lane for centrist progress as the foundation of a constantly-evolving, autonomous, consensus-driven policy agenda.

Political Media Market Share

  • MainStream Media is funded through social entrepreneurship and will be able to employ either non-profit or for-profit revenue models based on the which one best serves our mission.

    • The involvement of the best and brightest in media, technology, and politics will be required to meet our objectives and may require a for-profit model that maximizes the revenue potential of MainStream Media solutions.  

    • Extraordinary profits have been reported by media outlets during the recent period of record voter engagement.  The scope of the opportunity to supply new content that leverages that engagement is substantial.

National Attention for Local Impact

  • In order for these programs to have a real impact on American governance, they will ultimately have to be effective at influencing local, state, and national elections but may have to focus initially on presidential and congressional politics to reach and engage the greatest number of voters by appealing to the broadest level of political interest. 

  • There is evidence that independent voters were the factor that tipped the last two presidential elections towards the winning candidate. MainStream Media plans to harness this centrist, independent political will for short term impact, before long-term electoral reforms needed for viable options outside of either major party are enacted.

Influence + Change = Representation

  • MainStream Media programs can effect change well in advance of attaining long-term objectives.  

    • Enterprising Democrats and Republicans can also use the influence and momentum of MainStream Media programming as a tool to press for common-sense solutions from their parties and pull their parties away from their more extreme policy positions.

    • Until several key reforms are in place, it will remain extremely difficult for independent candidates to win elections, but their endorsements, as well as the issue-focused pressure brought by voters who are led to organize through MainStream Media programs and civic tech, can still deliver votes to politicians of any party who see the value of supporting consensus positions.